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The Independent: Food Critic Takes a Walk on the Railside

preview gourmet tour in AndalusiaIt’s always a bit nerve-wracking when you have VIP guests out on tour with you, especially when that VIP is a well known food critic, author, professional chef and Masterchef semi-finalist… and you just happen to launching a brand new, untested gourmet tour!

Despite being somewhat of a celebrity in the foodie world and having shared kitchen space with some seriously amazing chefs in his time, it was an absolute pleasure to have Andy Lynes join us on our taster tour (no pun intended) of Mr Henderson’s Railway.

His review of the tour was published in The Independent entitled:  “Andalusia: Stay close to the tracks for a local feast”, and we could not be happier with what he had to say!

Andy expertly described the main the highlights of the tour which takes us from the coast near Algeciras (where “we eat thin slices of the slow-cooked fish on a bed of wakame seaweed, then a thick, rare-grilled tuna steak that has the appearance and texture of beef and is served with a wild mushroom sauce. The rich, dense meat is a revelation”) to the charming villages along the railway to Ronda (including the “Gastronomical high point” where we ate “Suckling pig slow roasted in the wood oven with baked oranges and finished with a grating of cocoa bean at the table makes a stunning main course.”).  He promised he would come back some day to visit more of our foodie favorites, but we are happy he took away such good memories from his flying visit.

Read the full article over at The Independent online and if you want to follow in Andy´s footsteps and discover these gourmet delights for yourself, then do take a look at the new itinerary and tour dates for the coming season: Slow Food and Scenic Hikes



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