Olive Farm Experience

Experience life on an Andalucian olive farm


  • Visit a 15th century chapel in a beautiful hillside town with stunning views
  • Learn about the history of olive oil, from the grove to the bottle
  • Travel back through time as you are taken on a tour of a classic Spanish farmhouse
  • Enjoy an olive oil tasting, with a small bottle to take away with you at the end of the day!


Trip Profile

1 Day
Best Time To Visit:
All Year Round
Tour Dates/Days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Group Size:
Min: 2
Max: 20
Olives on a tree

Tour Summary

Olives and their oil are an integral part of Andalucian life and culture. On our olive farm day tour, you will experience how life is on an olive farm, from harvesting to the production of olive oil. Enjoy lunch in the farmhouse or olive grove.

On your way to the olive farm, you will also visit the town of Archidona and visit a medieval hillside chapel.

As a memento of your olive farm experience, you will take away your own bottle of olive oil – Andalucia’s liquid gold!

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Our day-long tour from Malaga starts with a scenic drive through the Andalucian countryside.  We will stop in the charming town of Archidona and pay a visit to a stunning 15th-century chapel perched atop a hillside overlooking the houses below.

Upon arrival at the olive farm nestled in the fields beyond the town, our knowledgeable guide will lead you on a tour of the cortijo.

Here you will learn of the painstaking processes involved in the cultivation and production of Andalucia’s most important export: olive oil.

During the harvest season (November – February), you are encouraged to have a go at collecting some olives before heading back to the farmhouse for a guided olive oil tasting.

This will be followed by a homemade lunch of seasonal local dishes set in the peaceful surroundings of the farmhouse with sweeping views of the olive groves beyond.

You will be driven home through the stunning landscapes of rural Andalucia.


AM: You will be collected from your accommodation or at an arranged meeting point


PM: You will be dropped off at your accommodation or at an arranged meeting point


Please enquire for prices

As TOMA & COE is a bespoke travel agency working with private clients and small groups, prices may vary slightly according to the time of year.

Costs are based on double occupancy/a minimum of two guests

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit an olive oil farm?
To see the harvesting of olives in action, the best time to visit is between November and February. However, anytime of year is suitable to visit and learn about the olive oil process.

Is olive oil from Spain good?
Yes, Spain’s olive oil is of a very high quality. Spain is an important olive oil producer, with its products sold worldwide. Approximately 45% of the world’s olives are produced in Spain.

Is olive oil from Spain or Italy better?
This is all down to personal taste as both countries produce superb olive oil. Spanish olive oil tends to be nuttier and fruitier than Italian oil and lighter in colour, generally a yellow-gold hue. Italian oil is generally greener in colour with a herby flavour and odour.

How is olive oil made in Spain?
Much of the olive oil production is still traditional, with farmers manually harvesting the fruit form the trees by shaking them into nets with sticks. The olives are then taken to the mill to be cleaned, pressed and the oil extracted.

Are there different types of olive oil in Spain?
Spain has a very diverse range of olives, which in turn leads to different oil blends or Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Each area of Spain producing olive oil will have a different taste and colour, depending on the types of olives used in production. Even from one village to the next, you can taste a discernible difference in flavour.


Jennifer Stanton

The Andalusian olive oil tour was everything we wanted and more. Thank you, Manni, for such going above and beyond to show us the charm and allure of rural Andalucia. We will be recommending this tour to many people to come!

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