Camino With Yoga

Join us on a journey of physical and emotional enlightenment


  • There are three separate yoga pilgrimages
  • Visit some of Spain’s most beautiful cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Cordoba, Merida, Casares, Salamanca and Santiago de Compostela
  • Walk up to 10 miles a day through the constantly changing landscapes of Andalucia
  • Your guide will explain the history and culture of the sights you see along the way.
  • Finish each day’s walking with a delicious lunch, followed by an afternoon of rest and relaxation in your hotel.
  • Join yoga expert Erin Fleming in guided meditation and reflection sessions every afternoon, designed to increase emotional and psychological awareness of your personal pilgrimage.


Trip Profile

7-9 Nights (Depending on the section walked)
Best Time To Visit:
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov
Tour Dates/Days:
Part 16 October, 2024
Part 11 April, 2025
Part 31 May, 20253 Places Left
Group Size:
Min: 2
Max: 20
Camino de santiago

Tour Summary

Discover a unique way to explore Spain as you traverse ancient trails through its breathtaking landscapes, far from the crowds, immersing yourself in the pilgrim experience.

Yoga is an integral part of our pilgrimage, with guided walking meditations in the mornings and rejuvenating yoga sessions in the afternoons at our hotel base. This ensures a truly immersive journey where the internal and external paths intertwine.

Experience the luxury of your pilgrimage with handpicked accommodations ranging from authentic Spanish farmhouses to sumptuous hotels, guaranteeing a comfortable rest after a day of walking.

Indulge in the finest local cuisine and wine throughout your journey, savouring carefully selected, authentic restaurants along the route.

Camino and Yoga with Erin Fleming
Our EXTRA special Camino Mozarabe Pilgrimage, co-hosted by Yogadeva Erin Fleming will incorporate meditation and yoga alongside our Camino de Santiago experience.

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Part 1: From Coast to Cordoba
Embark on a captivating 7-night pilgrimage, encompassing the highlights of the Camino Mozárabe route from Málaga to Córdoba.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Spain, exploring the cultural influences of three religions. Conclude the first part of this pilgrimage in the enchanting city of Córdoba, crossing its iconic Roman bridge and visiting the extraordinary Moorish mosque

Experience daily walks of up to 10 miles through the ever-changing landscapes of Andalucia, from the almond-blossomed hills of Málaga to the olive groves at the region’s heart. Each day concludes with a delightful lunch, followed by an afternoon of rest and relaxation in your hotel.

Part 2: Cordoba to Salamanca
Embark on a 9-night pilgrimage, starting in Cordoba and venturing into the remote regions of Spain, traversing the wild Dehesa landscape of woodland, fields of flowers and a sky full of birdsong (read our blog about the birds on this stretch).

The route passes through ancient towns such as Mérida and Cáceres, eventually merging with La Ruta de la Plata outside Seville. These intertwining paths lead to Salamanca, home to the country’s oldest university and some of Spain’s most exquisite architecture.

The natural world you encounter on the camino will mesmerise you. Step out to the sound of birdsong every day.

Indulge in a variety of handpicked accommodations, ranging from rural retreats to stunning urban hotels, with gourmet food, cultural visits and UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Indulge in a variety of handpicked accommodations, ranging from rural retreats to stunning urban hotels.

Part 3: The final 108km
Complete the pilgrimage’s final leg on the lesser-known Camino Sanabrés, beginning in Ourense. The landscape, featuring expansive skies and sweeping vistas, offers the solitude essential to any pilgrim experience.

Enjoy comfortable lodgings in a traditional Galician Palace, known as a Pazo, before spending your last night in a luxurious hotel in the vibrant city of Santiago.

Arrive in Santiago for pilgrim celebrations and marvel at the awe-inspiring interior of the city’s vast cathedral.


Part 1 – Malaga has direct flights from the USA and many European cities.

Part 2 – Cordoba is reachable from Madrid and Malaga by train. The high-speed trains take 1 hours from Malaga and 2 hours from Madrid.

Part 3 – Ourense does not have an airport but there are three Galician airports: Vigo, A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela fairly close by. Alternatively, fly into Madrid and take the train from Charmartin station to Ourense. The train takes around 2 ½ hours.


Part 1 – Flights from Malaga and Madrid go to major USA and European cities. The train from Cordoba to either Malaga or Madrid takes between 1 and 2 hours respectively.

Part 2 – Direct trains from Salamanca to Madrid take under 2 hours. From Madrid you can fly to major European and USA destinations.

Part 3 – Flights from Santiago airport depart for Madrid, Barcelona, London, Milan, Malaga and other Spanish destinations.
Flights from Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona connect to major European and USA cities.


Please enquire for prices

As TOMA & COE is a bespoke travel agency working with private clients and small groups, prices may vary slightly according to the time of year.

Price includes:

  • Local guide visits in Málaga and Córdoba
  • Dinners whilst on the camino (not including wine)
  • Accommodation bed and breakfast in double occupancy.

Costs are based on double occupancy

Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do you need to be to do the Camino?
To be camino fit it is advisable to start walking daily, building up to around 20km per day. Start with smaller distances and steadily increase over time. Allow for three months’ training before setting out on the camino.

Are the yoga sessions advanced on the yoga pilgrimage?
The yoga sessions are designed for everyone from beginners to advanced levels.

Will I have to carry may belongings?
No, we will transfer your belongings to the next accommodation. During the walk you need only take essentials such as sun cream, water, snacks and waterproofs in case of rain.

What will I need to practice yoga?
You will only need comfortable clothes for yoga, we will provide all the mats.

How many miles a day will we walk on the yoga pilgrimage?
On average, you will walk 10 miles (16kms per day) on our Camino yoga pilgrimage.


Kathy R

Classy and Transformational Camino Adventure!!
I recently returned from my second and equally fabulous 8 day Camino Mozarabe with Toma & Coe! Manni and Erin have packaged an adventure that will immerse you in this magnificent country, its culture, its people, its food, and in your heart and soul! The hotels were first class, the restaurants and food choices were expansive, elegant, and suited for everyone. Some tours were led by local experts that gave you a glimpse into life off the beaten tourist path…Manni, whose love for this country and his knowledge is remarkable, had little hidden gems to share along the way (bars, churches, town plazas) that provide a more immersive way to experience a culture. Erin, with Manni, take time while you are walking and throughout the day to create opportunities for you to reflect, set intentions, and take in your experience in a more mindful way…you will come out with a richer understanding of this beautiful country, the Camino, and yourself!

Camino in comfort
Following a great experience in 2022 walking the Camino De Santiago, Mozárabe route, with Manni Coe of Toma & Coe and Erin Fleming, Yoga Diva, I joined them again for a different part of the route. In a group of 12, some of whom I was delighted to meet again from last year, we followed the way of St James between Córdoba and Salamanca. As before this was a fantastic trip of some physical challenge in a spring heatwave with opportunity for quiet reflection as we walked through the hauntingly beautiful landscape of Extremadura. Our accommodation was more than comfortable and food and drink superb especially our 3 star Michelin meal at Atrio in Caceres. Along the way we were informed by extra guided visits to the fascinating historical sites in Córdoba, Merida, Caceres and Salamanca. Best of all it was safe, relaxed, friendly and great fun. Our luggage was carried in a comfortable coach which also took us between walking sections. Many thanks to all our guides and to Fernando and Marivi from the office. I fully intend to complete the trilogy by walking Part 1, Málaga to Córdoba in due course; in fact I cannot wait!

Camino de Santiago Manni & Coe
Amazing! Went with friends to walk part 2 of the Camino de Santiago from Cordoba to Salamanca. Everything was GREAT! Walking the Camino was so peaceful & the hotels we stayed in were top notch ! Manni as our guide made sure we were all taken care of! Erin was wonderful also, leading us in relaxing yoga which was much needed after our long walks! Fernando was the best in finding us places to stay & transportation on our extended visit! If you’re thinking of going to Spain or a number of other places, contact Manni at Manni and Coe you can’t go wrong

Destination Guides

Cordoba: The magical UNESCO heritage city
Malaga: Where the Camino Mozárabe and your adventure begins
Our Camino guide is coming soon

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