Cordoba Mosque Tour

The Soul of Cordoba - Late afternoon and evening tour


  • Enjoy a special evening visit of the Mezquita with a magical light and sound display
  • Visit the old Jewish Quarter and enjoy evening tapas in the centre of the city (not included in the price)
  • Stroll some of the hidden gems of this jewel of a city and contemplate its brilliant past
  • See the Roman bridge that spans the Guadalquivir River


Trip Profile

1/2 Day
Best Time To Visit:
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov
Tour Dates/Days:
Group Size:
Min: 2
Max: 20
Plaza de Espanya Lepe Cordoba

Tour Summary

Our Cordoba mosque tour takes you back in time, to reveal the customs, traditions and lifestyle of the “The City of the Three Religions” where Islam, Christianity and Judaism co-existed in harmony and peace.

You will visit the old Jewish quarter, enjoy dinner or tapas at a recommended restaurant, before an exquisite night-time visit to the Mezquita with a stunning display of sound and light effects which brings to life the sheer scale and glorious architecture of this unique building.

We take you to Cordoba in the evening, because once the sun starts to set, the secrets of these traditions are easier to appreciate as the city takes on a quieter and more intimate atmosphere.

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  • Depart in the mid-afternoon for drive to Cordoba
  • Stroll through the old Jewish quarter
  • Visit an intimate Christian chapel built in Moorish style
  • Enjoy a drink on the rooftop of an exclusive hotel with views over the Mosque-Cathedral
  • Dine at a local Toma recommended restaurant/bar (food not included in price)
  • Night-time visit to the Mezquita with light and sound display
  • Depart for home


Departing after lunch from Malaga, we take the 2.5 hour journey through the olive groves of the province of Cordoba and arrive just as the large tour groups are leaving.


A stroll across the restored Roman Bridge takes us back to our vehicle for the relaxing journey home.


Please enquire for prices

As TOMA & COE is a bespoke travel agency working with private clients and small groups, prices may vary slightly according to the time of year.

Costs are based on double occupancy/a minimum of two guests

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to tour the Cordoba mosque?
A tour of the Cordoba mosque and cathedral takes approximately one hour. Our Cordoba tour taking in the three cultures, includes a special light and sound display in the evening.

Is there a dress code for the Mezquita Cordoba?
This is an active Roman Catholic cathedral and as such, shoulders should be covered.

What makes the Mosque at Cordoba so unique?
According to UNESCO, “the Great Mosque of Cordoba represents a unique artistic achievement due to its size and the sheer boldness of the height of its ceilings.” It is also the only mosque-cathedral in Spain.

Why does the mosque of Cordoba not face Mecca?
Theories are that the Mezquita was built in reference to the old Roman Cardo thoroughfare which ran north to south.  Another example of this is the Damascus Mosque which points towards the south.

Why is the mosque-cathedral sometimes called the Mezquita?
Mezquita is the Spanish word for mosque.



Many thanks to Toma and Coe
A group of friends did a tour of Andalusia including Granada, Cordoba, Ronda and Seville. Highlights were the Alhambra and the Mezquita. The town of Ronda was breath-taking. We had excellent guides and stayed in beautiful, well-situated hotels. Manni Coe was very helpful and I highly recommend them.

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