Self Guided Tours of Andalucia

Ready to strike out on your own self guided tour of Andalucia? Let us do the planning


  • Embark on a carefully designed adventure with your loved ones
  • Enjoy the liberty of a balanced itinerary with plenty of free time
  • The bliss of a stress-free vacation. Great for families and groups of friends
  • Benefit from the knowledge of our expert local guides, who introduce you to each new city/town


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Self guided tour of Andalucia

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Using our insider knowledge of Andalucia and our wealth of local contacts we design self guided tours through Andalucia tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

We create the perfect experience for you. Venture forth with a detailed itinerary packed with exciting destinations, activity suggestions and handpicked accommodation.

Take the stress out of travelling and remember, with us you are never a tourist, but a guest of TOMA & COE!

Tailored Self Guided Tours of Andalucia

We work closely with your individual specifications to create the perfect road trip. The itinerary is loosely structured and allows time to experience the unplanned, unexpected and spontaneous. In other words, to savour the joys of travel.

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The itinerary is entirely flexible and tailored to your specific desires and loves.

Whether you want to explore the main cities of Andalucia or take the road less-travelled, at Toma & Coe we can arrange it all for you.

All you have to do is take the reins (or wheel) and enjoy!

BELOW are just a few of the beautiful destinations we could build into your bespoke itinerary as you tour Andalucia by car.


Stunning Cordoba is one of Andalucia’s must see cities, sitting proudly on the banks of the Guadalquivir river. Poet Federico García Lorca described it as “solitary and far away” due to the unmistakable air of melancholic beauty. This medieval city, known as The Ornament of the World, enjoys UNESCO recognition, owing to its fascinating Islamic and Jewish heritage, colourful Patio Festival, magnificent Great Mosque-Cathedral and much celebrated cuisine.


No tour of Andalucia would be complete without a visit to the jewel in its crown: Seville. Described as “a pampered and adored mistress” by English writer Laurie Lee, this enchantingly beautiful city leaves no visitor indifferent. The Sevillanos themselves possess a beguiling temperament, and their unmistakable pride in their city is utterly infectious. Seville is also a city that knows how to enjoy itself. It has a myriad of local customs, traditions and ferias with an exuberant dedication that can leave visitors feeling exhausted, but always glad they came.


Malaga has enjoyed a cultural renaissance over the last decade and is now one of the most sought-after destinations. She rivals her stunning sisters, Granada and Cordoba, in terms of beauty, gastronomy and cultural attractions. We love taking our clients around Malaga and introducing them to its unmistakable charms. Amongst them are the broad, sweeping avenues and grand tree-lined plazas and its dynamic, multicultural vibe. Make Malaga a must see in your self guided tour of Andalucia and prepare to be amazed!


The magnificent town of Ronda is the perfect place to spend the day and is guaranteed to move whoever visits it. From its impressive vantage point perched along clifftops, it enjoys breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Old and New Towns are separated by an awe-inspiring natural gorge, spanned by the majestic Puente Nuevo or New Bridge – considered an iconic structure throughout Andalucia.


Any visitor to Andalucia should have the city of Granada firmly circled on their map. This breathtaking city abounds in natural beauty and enjoys an enviable position, nestled between soaring mountain peaks and fertile plains. Its modern city centre boasts wide boulevards, lined with the distinctive architecture of the late 1800s, and numerous classical plazas. Wherever you are in the city you can glimpse the jagged mountains of the Sierra Nevada, the sun glinting off their white peaks in winter. There are lots of places to enjoy the view: the wealth of bars and cafes on offer provide you with an abundance of choice when stopping for free tapas and soaking up the atmosphere of this bewitching city.


You can start your tour anywhere you choose.

Malaga airport is the best served of Andalucia’s international airports with direct flights from the USA and major European cities.


Your tour ends where you want it to!

Malaga has direct flights to Europe, the USA and the rest of Spain.

You can also reach Madrid via high speed train in under 3 hours


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We work to your budget.  Get in touch today to start the conversation!

Costs are based on double occupancy/a minimum of two guests

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to travel around Andalucia?
Yes, it is perfectly safe to travel around Andalucia. Should you encounter any difficulties on your Toma & Coe self guided tour, our team are just a phone call away.

Is it easy to drive in Andalucia?
Yes, Andalucia has a good network of roads, it is the same as driving anywhere in Europe. Some of the roads to the mountain villages are windy, but they are perfectly safe.

How do self guided tours work?
A self-guided tour is like a do-it-yourself adventure following a planned schedule. It’s similar to guided tours, but you’re on your own without a group or guide. On the self guided Andalucia tours with Toma & Coe, we plan the whole itinerary based around your wants and desires.

Are self-guided tours better?
Self-guided tours allow you more flexibility. For example, if you find a monument boring, you can move on to the next without having to wait for the rest of the group. However, if you want guides arranged at certain destinations, then that can also be organised on a Toma & Coe self guided tour.

How do I plan a self-guided tour?
The beauty of Toma & Coe self-guided tours is that we do all the hard work for you! You do a little research into the places, sights and experiences you’d like. You tell us your budget, when you’d like to go and we do all the rest – booking hotels, restaurants, and planning your itinerary.


Aimee Gonzalez

Amazing Andalucia Adventure
I can’t say enough good things about Toma & Coe. Fernando did an amazing job helping us plan a 12-day trip to Andalucia for our family of 5. The bespoke agenda they provided gave us the opportunity to experience the cultural, culinary and historical highlights of the region with private guides, as well as enough free time to explore other areas on our own. Each of the guides were extremely knowledgeable, personable and entertaining. They were also all very considerate and accommodating to my 75 year old father who has mobility issues. All their hotel and restaurant recommendations were exceptional. Our favorite hotel was in the countryside outside of Ronda – with spectacular views, friendly staff and spacious suites. All of our drivers were friendly and provided additional insights and information about the region. Fernando was very attentive both in the planning and during our trip. Everything went extremely smoothly and we could not have been happier. I would absolutely use Toma & Coe again and highly recommend them to anyone looking to plan a trip to the region.

Destination Guides

Malaga: Capital of the Costa del Sol
Cordoba: UNESCO heritage sight that will capture your soul
Granada: Dominated by the Alhambra it weaves a magical spell
Seville: The heart of Andalucia, pulsing with life

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