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Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards 2023 – Spain makes it mark

Plaza de España, Seville. The city won Gold for the Most Desirable City in Europe in the Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards 2023 Image by Petra Bajusová from Pixabay

British travel magazine Wanderlust announced the winners of its 2023 Reader Travel Awards, and Spain was frequently mentioned in despatches.

Most Desirable Country in Europe – Silver for Spain

Europe is a continent packed with diverse historical, natural and gastronomical delights. Mix those ingredients into immersive and authentic experiences, and it’s little wonder Spain took the coveted Silver.

With each region offering something unique, from Barcelona’s modernist architecture to the Canary Islands’ volcanic landscapes, there’s enough to keep even the most avid traveller busy for years.

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Most Desirable Region in Europe – Bronze for Andalucia


alt text: Cadiz beaches Image by <a href="">Makalu</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

At Toma and Coe, we know Andalucia intimately, from its mountain villages to coastal hotspots. What is it that draws travellers to southern Spain? Perhaps it’s the golden beaches of Cadiz, or the dramatic gorge of Ronda. How about the artistic legacy of painters and poets, or the local cuisine which tells the story of the landscape through every dish. And then there’s the history, stretching back over millenia…

Most Desirable City in Europe – Gold for Seville


Alcazar Real, Seville. Image by <a href="">Adam Hill</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

Seville, one of the cornerstones of any tour of Spain, took home Gold in the Reader Travel Awards. Wanderlust described the city as the “epicentre” of Andalucia’s cultural highlights, “home to a variety of architecture, from Christian churches to Moorish palaces.” And of course, the feria in April is a tradition not to miss.

Best for flamenco, architecture and cuisine.

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Most Desirable Country for Sustainability – Bronze for Spain

Spain has been one of the most popular destinations for travellers and holidaymakers for decades. Mass tourism can take its toll, however Spain is heading in the right direction with its sustainable tourism agenda. And this is something we applaud at Toma & Coe as we do our best to ensure our tours are as sustainable as possible, supporting local businesses, hiking, bike tours and exploring away from the madding crowds.

Most Desirable Island in Europe – 7th for Menorca


Traditional windmill on the island of Menorca, one of the Wanderlust Travel Reader Awards most desirable islands in Europe.

The Balearic Islands cover every type of holiday, but Menorca is the island getaway renowned for its picturesque beaches, crystal-clear waters, and enchanting towns. The second largest of the Balearic islands, nature enthusiasts will relish exploring Menorca’s diverse landscapes from flourishing olive groves and ponds, wetlands, coastal islets, and dune systems.

Most Desirable Country for Culture – 4th for Spain

Culture encapsulates language, ideas, beliefs, customs, codes, institutions, tools, techniques, works of art, rituals, and ceremonies, and within Spain you’ll find an abundance of each. There are five official languages, Castilian, Catalan, Galician, Basque and Aranese, but that doesn’t even touch the sides when it comes to dialects! Each region is proud of its cultural heritage, so wherever you turn in this Mediterranean country, you’ll experience something new.

Most Desirable Country for Gastronomy – 9th for Spain

In the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023 list, Spain took three of the top 5 spots. There’s more to the country than paella and Spanish omelette! From the seafood delights of the coasts to the robust dishes of the interior, each plate explores the local culture through heavenly tastes.

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The Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards go to show that it’s not just the team at Toma & Coe who recognise the beauty and potential of Spain. The proof is in the reviews of those who’ve travelled here, so join us for a memorable holiday experience.

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