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TOMA Spotlight: Autumn Adventures in Andalucia

Autumn is an enchanting time to explore Andalucia and its surroundings. The region transitions from the scorching summer heat to warm, pleasant daytime temperatures, providing the perfect backdrop for a variety of cultural and natural experiences.

Andalucia in autumn is quieter and less crowded, providing an ideal setting for festivals, harvests, and outdoor adventures.

These are a few of our recommended autumn adventures in amazing Andalucia.

Chestnut Festivals

Chestnuts in a basket with apple and autumn leaves

Autumn heralds the chestnut season, celebrated with gusto in the villages of Alcaucin and Yunquera. The Fiesta de la Castaña (Chestnut Festival) in Alcaucin takes place in early November, where locals and visitors alike enjoy roasted chestnuts, chestnut-based dishes, and traditional music and dance.

Similarly, Yunquera hosts its own chestnut festival, known as Tostón de Castañas, featuring chestnut roasts, culinary competitions, and folkloric performances.

Bienal de Flamenco in Seville

Seville’s Bienal de Flamenco, held every two years in September and October, is a must-visit for lovers of this passionate art form. The festival brings together the finest flamenco artists from across Spain, with performances ranging from traditional to contemporary.

The historic city of Seville provides a stunning backdrop for this celebration of dance and music, making it an unforgettable experience.

2024 is one of the lucky years, and the festival runs from 12th September to 5th October

Walking: Camino de Santiago and El Torcal


For those who prefer a more active autumn adventure, the cooler temperatures make it an ideal time for walking and hiking. Toma & Coe takes guests, aka posh pilgrims, on three different stages of the Camino de Santiago. The first along the Camino Mozarabe from Malaga to Cordoba, followed by Cordoba to Salamanca, and the final 108km into Santiago.

The Camino de Santiago offers a spiritual and scenic journey through Spain, culminating in Santiago de Compostela.

El Torcal in Antequera boasts dramatic limestone formations and well-marked trails, providing hikers with breathtaking views and the chance to spot wildlife. Why not combine this walk with the Twin Towns tour of Archidona and Antequera.

Olive Harvest Experience

Girl picking olives

Andalucia is synonymous with olive oil, and autumn is the season of the olive harvest. Visitors can participate in olive harvesting experiences, where you learn about traditional and modern harvesting techniques, visit olive mills, and enjoy tastings of freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Toma & Coe’s Olive Farm experience is available year-round, but during harvest months, you get to be really hands-on and assist with gathering in this important fruit.

Aracena’s Ham and Pork Festival

La Feria del Jamón de Aracena 2024 poster

The town of Aracena in Huelva province is famous for its Iberian ham. Every autumn, Aracena hosts the La Feria del Jamón de Aracena. In 2024, it is held over two weekends: 18th-20th and 25th-27th October.

The festival features tastings, cooking demonstrations, and competitions, highlighting the delectable flavours of Iberian ham and pork products. It’s a culinary delight for food lovers and a great way to immerse oneself in local traditions.

Atajate – Fiesta del Mosto

Fiesta del Mosto in Atajate. Image courtesy of Diputación de Malaga

On the last Saturday in November, the small village of Atajate in the Serrania de Ronda comes alive with its Wine Festival. This celebration includes wine tastings, local gastronomy, and traditional music and dance. It’s an excellent opportunity to sample some of the region’s finest wines and experience the warm hospitality of the locals.

Join TOMA & COE on a Ronda & Winery tour if you can’t make the fiesta.

Membrillo Festivals in Zagrilla, Priego de Córdoba

The quince, or membrillo, is another autumnal delight in Andalucia. The village of Zagrilla, Priego de Córdoba hosts its own Membrillo Festival, where the fruit is celebrated in various culinary forms, from jellies to liqueurs.

The perfect accompaniment to cheese, membrillo is a much-overlooked fruit which needs to be rediscovered.

Día de la Pasa, El Borge

If you’ve ever been in the mountains of the Axarquia (east of Malaga), you may have seen what look like giants’ graves dotting the slopes. These are, in fact, drying beds. Grapes are laid out in the summer sun to dry to the sweet pasa (raisin).

The village of El Borge, the country’s largest producer of raisins, holds an annual Día de la Pasa (Day of the Raisin) to celebrate the fruit which is not only eaten but also turned into liqueur wine.


Autumn is the ideal time to visit Andalucia and enjoy its rich array of cultural, culinary, and natural experiences. Vibrant festivals celebrating local produce and traditions to scenic walks and harvest adventures, give you a true taste of the region.

The quieter, less crowded atmosphere and warm daytime temperatures make it the perfect time to explore and enjoy all that Andalucia has to offer.

For bespoke trips to Andalucia, contact TOMA & COE and experience the Spain you never knew.

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