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Ronda wines: a resurgent viticulture

Montilla-Moriles wine Córdoba

Ronda has inspired poets, writers and artists alike with its rugged beauty, tales, mysteries and gorgeous architecture. It is a place to which Toma & Coe frequently return, delighting visitors with tastes of tales retold, and the delicious wines of the area’s bodegas.

Ronda has bred unique and distinctive people – bandits and bullfighters – alongside its lofty vineyards.

Over the years, Ronda’s vineyards have suffered losses, and native grape varieties like tintilla, blasco, rome, and melonera have either disappeared or been neglected. Nevertheless, the conditions that made Ronda famous are the foundation for viticulture poised for a resurgence.

Nestled between the Sierra de las Nieves and the Sierra de Grazalema, the winding climb to the town flattens into meadows, and holm oak groves. The vineyards sit at altitudes exceeding 800 meters above sea level, shielded from the east and west winds by the surrounding mountains. The climate here, ample sunshine and consistent rainfall throughout the year, along with the temperature difference between day and night, adds to Ronda’s viticulture allure.

Evolving wine scene

The wine scene is evolving in Ronda, and the Regulatory Council of the DO Sierras de Málaga plays a pivotal role. The Council collaborates with wineries like Descalzos Viejos, situated within the oratory of a 16th-century convent, or Martin Kieninger, an Austrian winemaker captivated by Ronda, who is devoted to the eco-friendly production of wines stored in a small underground cave with stone vaults.

Vetas, a family owned vineyard, is one of Spain’s smallest. Having learnt their wine expertise from the Bordeaux region of France, they planted French varietals in the Rondeño soil. Their 100% Petit Verdot is a force to be reckoned with. Our clients love visiting Vetas to enjoy their stunning wines within the setting of a family home –

There’s also the Cortijo de Los Aguilares, perched at around 900 meters near the Ventilla stream gorge, offering a picturesque landscape of holm oaks, gall oaks, and firs. Lastly, La Melonera is committed to preserving historical grape varieties.

With such dedicated wineries delivering top-notch wines, Ronda wines are definitely ones to watch. And if you want to experience the wine-making process, and sample the produce, first-hand, join us on our wine weekend tour, or day trip and be at the forefront of the resurgence.

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