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Slow Travel in Spain: Take your time

Even when you have lived somewhere for years, when you take the time to explore, not rushing from antique pillar to historic staging post, you discover things. Interesting things. Tasty things. Exciting things. That’s why we advocate slow travel.

Slow Travel is integral to Toma & Coe offerings, we bring our guests the local view. Immerse you in the culture, whichever aspect that may be, and no matter how long you stay.

To make it clear, slow travel doesn’t mean you have to stay here for months on end (though if you would like to, you’re more than welcome!) It’s about pacing your travels.

Defining Slow Travel


Slow Travel - shopping in market

There isn’t a single definition of slow travel, but it certainly incorporates the following:

  • No rushing

Pace yourself. Don’t try and cram everything into a short space of time. By doing so, you eliminate stress and don’t return from your vacation in need of another.

  • A balanced itinerary

As above, pre-plan your trip (or let Toma & Coe take care of that element for you) so that each day isn’t packed to the gunnels with things to do and see. Variety is key, you’ll soon feel ‘museum-ed out’ if you jump from one to another in quick succession.

  • Immerse yourself

Go deeper into things. For example, you want a culinary experience. Take a day to visit the market with your guide/cook, learn how to prepare the dish and then enjoy the taste in your cook’s dining room or garden.

  • Connect

Connect with yourself, those around you, the landscape, the architecture. You need time to connect, and slow travel gives you just that.

  • Sustainable

Making your travel sustainable needn’t be a chore. Hiking allows you to get in touch with nature and gives you space to think. Don’t drive from one place to another – take the train. You get to enjoy the views rather than cursing the lack of GPS signal at a crucial junction. There are some incredible train journeys in Spain. Choose accommodation that has sustainability at its heart.

Slow Travel in Spain with Toma & Coe

Sometimes, the thought of all that planning is overwhelming. This is our speciality. We understand the concept of slow travel, and why you need it – you have busy lives. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

For inspiration, below are just some of the experiences you can incorporate into your holiday in Spain. And they are just that, experiences that allow you to slow down and enjoy every moment of your time in Spain.

Malaga Cooking Experience


black rice food on table

A guided foodie shopping spree in the historic, local market of Atarazanas kicks off our Malaga cooking experience. Once you’ve purchased all your ingredients, you head into the hills behind the city to an 18th century Andalucian farmhouse with far-reaching views surrounded by olive groves. There you’ll prepare your dishes, before tucking in and enjoying a restful afternoon of laughter and companionship.

Wonderful Wine Weekend

Immerse yourself in the art of wine-making in rural Andalucia with our wonderful wine weekend tour. Learn about the different grapes, how bodegas make the wine, and of course, taste the finished product! All whilst staying in top accommodation in some of Andalucia’s lesser-known towns.

Walk the Camino de Santiago

Slow travel in spain - camino de santiago

The ultimate in slow travel, the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route culminating at the northern Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela is an incredible journey both physically and mentally.

Toma & Coe run guided Caminos at different times of the year. Read our very own Manni Coe’s article in The Guardian about his experience walking with his brothers.

The Olive Farm Experience

Olive groves dotting the Andalucian landscape of Jaen.

Enjoy a scenic drive through the Andalucian countryside, stopping off at the town of Archidona before heading to the olive farm. At harvest time, you can get hands on and shake some of the olives out of the trees.

All year round, learn about the process of olive oil production, explore the olive groves and taste Andalucia’s liquid gold alongside a lunch of seasonal dishes.

Your own Bespoke Slow Travel Tour

Whether you’re here for a weekend, a fortnight or longer, we can create your very own bespoke Slow Travel Tour. Perfectly paced, you can immerse yourself in the Andalucian culture, reconnect and enjoy your well-deserved holiday.


Take the slow road, and experience the Spain you never knew – Slow Travel with Toma & Coe.

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