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Food and wines of Andalusia; a Maridaje made in heaven!

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A Maridaje is an incredible event for all food and wine lovers, whether you´re a bit of a food expert or complete newbie.

The term “maridaje” comes from the idea of  “marrying” metaphorically a wine with a specific dish or ingredient in order to heighten the pleasure of consuming both.

It´s a unique experience and one that is fast on the rise in the gourmet world.  The dishes involved depend on the season; during the Autumn you can find all sorts of incredible varieties of wild Mushrooms, often served with the Red Tuna of the Almadraba fishing boats that work off the coast of Cadiz twice a year.

Prepare for Umami!

TOMA & COE has paired up with some fabulous restaurants and chefs in the Cadiz area so that we can offer you the chance to enjoy an authentic Maridaje here in Andalucia.  And better still, you don´t have to worry about getting home as we can also organise this experience as one of our Cheeky Sleepovers by adding on a fabulous hotel for the night!

Your “Sleepover” will be in the historic Hotel Reina Cristina, a charming establishment that opened in 1902 and recently enjoyed a full upgrade.  The Reina Cristina is a fabulous 4 star hotel which oozes with old world character and makes for a great overnight stay.

Or do you fancy a more in-depth look at the foods and wines of Andalucia? Then try your hand at our Spanish cookery day in Andalusia where we will first pick the local ingredients at market, then head back with a professional chef to learn how to turn them into something magical!    

Or wine lovers can join us for a 3 day tour of the Sherry Triangle in Cadiz, while foodies will love our residential Cooking Holiday in the Sierra de Aracena, or our Gourmet Walking Holiday on Mr Henderson´s Railway


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