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Málaga News – January 2023

Málaga made hit entries into many ‘top lists’ in December and January. The city is all about style, culture and fun, and American Vogue picked up on that vibe. Two of the province’s villages made National Geographic’s most beautiful list, whilst a Marbella hotel was one of only three Spanish hotels to make Conde Nast Traveler’s Gold List for 2023. And not to be out done, Málaga’s gastronomy has also shown its worth in the TasteAtlas Guide.

What is it about Málaga that is so appealing? Come and find out

Málaga one of top places to visit in 2023 says American Vogue

As American Vogue magazine pointed out when it included Málaga in its list of top places to visit in 2023, more Airbnb guests searched Málaga for 2023 travel than any other city in the world.

And there are plenty of reasons for that. In the last decade, Málaga has experienced a cultural renaissance. From the ‘city with an airport’ to a cultural hub buzzing with superb restaurants – from beach chiringuitos to Michelin-starred restaurants – a plethora of museums and an atmosphere that is hard to beat.

Walk among the street art scene of SoHo, and dip into a local bar for a cooling cerveza. Discover Picasso in the 50th anniversary year of his death at the two museums dedicated to the city’s famous son. Try the tapas at the Atarazanas Market or head to a rooftop bar and gaze across the cityscape.

Málaga is now the beating heart of the Costa del Sol, and well worthy of a visit. Delve into the city’s secrets with a long weekend stay, or make it part of a Grand Andalcuia Tour alongside Seville, Granada and Córdoba. Let Toma & Coe create your tailored itinerary and discover this incredible city.

Two Málaga villages among the most beautiful in Spain

Casares village - one of the most beautiful in Spain

Charm and wondrous beauty oozes from every corner of this incredible country, so for two Málaga villages/small towns to make it onto National Geographic’s 100 most beautiful list, they must be special.

Casares is around 80 minutes’ drive from the regional capital and is the quintessential Andalucian pueblo blanco (white village). Narrow streets of whitewashed houses wind through the village. The church of La Encarnación, the 13th century Arab castle and the viewpoints are just some of its top spots.

Frigiliana is a perennial entrant into most beautiful lists. Situated above Nerja, known for its caves and the Balcon of Europe, Frigiliana easily holds its own. National Geographic noted its “radiant light and fertile soil”,  in addition to its historical legacy as the confluence between Moorish settlers and past Mediterranean civilisations. It was not only the architecture which reflects this rich history but also the local cuisine which impressed the editors as a melting pot of diverse origins.

Explore Andalucia’s white villages, cities and hidden corners with Toma & Coe.

Marbella Club on Conde Nast Traveler Gold List for 2023

Marbella Club, westward along the Costa del Sol from Málaga central, is one of only three Spanish hotels to make the 2023 Gold List from CN Traveler. Starting life as a hangout for Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe’s friends in the 1950s, it has evolved into a classy village on the beach whilst retaining its club feel.

The Beach Club has been reimagined with an eclectic mood board at its heart, whilst El Patio restaurant is a new addition. For families, there’s a kids’ club which you’ll have trouble extracting them from, which is always a good sign.

Fancy building your exploration of Andalucia around this, or a similar, luxury hotel? Contact Toma & Coe and we can plan your perfect, bespoke Andalucian holiday from stylish accommodation to experiences and gastronomical delights.

Málaga’s dishes make TasteAtlas Guide

Sardine skewers over fire - a Málaga dish

The TasteAtlas guide includes a total of 24 popular dishes from Malaga. It also crowns Spanish food as the third best in the world. Marenga cuisine attracts fans from all over the world, and this is endorsed by the thousands of tourists who come attracted by the local gastronomy.

TasteAtlas highlights classics such as ham, paella, rabbit with rice, garlic prawns, torreznos or suckling pig. In fact, garlic prawns are in the 13th position of the 100 best foods in the world.

At the provincial level, the guide highlights a total of 24 Malaga dishes. Among which are the skewers, the Antequera club sandwich and goat stew. In the capital, the platform mentions 19 dishes, including gazpachuelo; Malaga salad; shredded tuna; malagueño goat and a dish from the Montes de Málaga.

In the rest of Andalucia the most significant dishes are in Almería, the wheat pot; in Granada the Sacromonte tortilla or blood sausage; and salmorejo, migas canas or flamenquín from Córdoba.

At Toma & Coe, our gastronomy tours are as popular as the dishes themselves. Try a Málaga tapas tour, twin towns in the olive groves which includes cutting edge local cuisine, or put your skills to the test and prepare one of these incredible dishes with a Málaga cooking experience.

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