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Seville Ideas for the Weekend

Art, architecture and tapas in Seville this weekend

Seville is a specially lively town during the beautiful bright days of November.

This weekend we suggest soaking into its local atmosphere, history and architecture by taking an itinerary from one end of the historical centre to the other.

Follow an exhibition that talks about the city through the life and rivalry of two famous local bullfighters during the beginning of the 20th century: Juan Belmonte and Joselito el Gallo.

Seville Exhibition JOSELITO-Y-BELMONTE

You will start your journey in the convent of Santa Clara, a former almohade palace hosting the first part of the exhibition, and finish in the castle of Saint George, in Triana, the colorful quarter across the river where the second part is set.

Once you’ve seen the second part of the exhibition you’ll already be in one of the best spots in town for tapas, the local market of Triana where food stalls and bars share a unique space: the former headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition.

Have a Toma weekend!

sevilla this weekend

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