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Our Favourite Books About Spain

There is a huge choice out there, books about travelling around Spain, books about the cities, books about people who have made a new life here, books about the culture and history of this wonderful country. To narrow it down to the best books about Spain for YOU, our dear readers and friends, is difficult. We have done our research and come up with a list of inspirational and informative books set in Spain that we love and hope you will too.

Ghosts of Spain – Giles Tremlett

A beautifully written book about the author’s travel around the mainland, and his discoveries of the best and worst of the country’s history.

Granada: The Light of Andalucía – Steven Nightingale

Another history book, this one is based on Granada, and more specifically the Albayzín, where the author lives.

The New Spaniards – John Hooper

A refreshingly different book about more modern life in Spain, how things have changed here since the death of Franco. It gives a real, in-depth perspective on Spanish people and their culture.

Inside the Tortilla – Paul Read

A book which very much echoes the Toma philosophy, all about a British man moving from a tourist hotspot to an undiscovered (by expats) village in inland Andalucia, he wanted to ‘Experience the Spain you never knew’.

In search of Andalucia – Christopher Wawn and David Wood

This combination travel guide and history book will amuse and inspire you, a great one for encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and discover the real Spain through its villages and people.

South from Granada – Gerald Brenan

As is the way of Gerald Brenan, this book is partly an autobiography of his adventures of his life in Spain between 1920 and 1934. Lots of interesting details about Spanish culture that you can only learn from someone who has lived and breathed it.

Duende – Jason Webster

Jason’s very personal account of his search for Duende; the emotional state of near ecstasy experienced by many who dance Flamenco. His love of, and obsession with, Flamenco takes you to another world.

Speak the culture: Spain – Andrew Whittaker

This book is a combination of history, travel and culture, Andrew talks about every subject from sport to politics to wine in this comprehensive book that helps you to understand how the people of Spain think.

Guernica – Dave Boling

A fictional book set in the Basque Country, this is a melancholy tale of war, love and life that is full of thought-evoking history and the romance of the period.

Andalucia – A cultural history – John Gill

If you want to know everything there is to know about Andalucia then this is the book for you.  Learn about Andalucia’s artists, architecture, landscape, cities and more in this cultural bible of a fantastic part of Spain.

Discovering Spain: An Uncommon Guide – Penelope Casas

A guidebook about Spain with a difference, this book will give you an appetite for discovering the parts of Spain you never knew existed.

Following the Milky Way – Elyn Aviva

A tale of the Camino de Santiago, told by someone who had walked it before it became a popular tourist attractions, she talks of the trials, tribulations and absolute joys of this special pilgrimage.

The Ornament of the World – María Rosa Menocal

This history book tells the tale of how the three cultures: Christians, Jews and Muslims, came to eventually live in harmony in medieval Spain.

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning – Laurie Lee

A magical tale of Laurie Lee’s year long travels across Spain and the adventures he got up to which were only ended by the outbreak of the Spanish civil war.

The A-Z of Spanish Culture – Pilar Orti

Pilar is a personal friend of the Toma team and her wonderful book is written from her experiences of growing up in Spain.

Why not read more about Spain from the Toma team and keep up to date with what we get up to everyday on our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram channels. If you would like to take a tour or class with us please get in touch. Have you read any of the above already? If you have, tell us what you thought about them and if we have missed your favourite, let us know what it is and why.

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