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Malaga Feria and its amazing posters

Malaga Feria has a history spanning centuries. It has evolved from a celebration of the expulsion of the Moors from the region to a mesmerising spectacle that captivates locals and tourists alike.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Malaga Feria is its unique poster designs used to advertise the event throughout the years. Let’s embark on a colourful journey to explore the history of the Malaga Feria and the evolution of its iconic posters.

1928 malaga feria poster

Origins of the Malaga Feria

The origins of the Malaga Feria can be traced back to the late 15th century when Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand, and Isabella, reconquered the city from the Moors. In celebration of their victory, they established an annual market to promote trade and cultural exchange. Over the years, this market evolved into what we now know as the Malaga Feria, a joyous gathering showcasing Andalucian heritage.

The Feria’s Unique Posters

As the Malaga Feria gained popularity, organisers started using eye-catching posters to announce the event and attract a larger audience. These posters not only served as advertisements but also encapsulated the spirit of the festival, reflecting the artistic and cultural values of the time.

Early 20th Century – The Golden Era

malaga feria poster 1900

Malaga Feria Poster 1900

During the early 20th century, the Malaga Feria witnessed a surge in prosperity, leading to a golden era of poster art. Local artists and designers began creating posters that blended traditional Andalusian motifs with modern influences, making them iconic symbols of the era. The posters depicted scenes of flamenco dancers, bullfights, horse carriages, and the iconic Calle Larios, the heart of the Feria.

1930s to 1950s – The Influence of Art Movements

malaga feria poster 1933

Malaga Feria poster 1933

The 1930s and 1950s saw the influence of various art movements on the design of Malaga Feria posters. Artists incorporated elements of Art Deco, Cubism, and Surrealism, resulting in visually striking and avant-garde posters. These artworks captured the essence of a changing society, reflecting both tradition and modernity.

1960s to 1980s – A Burst of Colour and Freedom

Malaga feria poster 1969

Malaga feria poster 1969

The post-war period brought a burst of colour and a sense of liberation to the Malaga Feria posters. Vibrant hues and bold typography adorned the designs. Posters during this era often portrayed lively street scenes, happy faces, and an overwhelming sense of joy that defined the Feria’s atmosphere.

1990s to Present – Embracing Digital Art

cartel feria malaga 2023

Cartel Feria Malaga 2023

With the advent of digital art in the 1990s, Malaga Feria posters took on a new dimension. Artists began using computer graphics to create visually stunning and innovative designs. While the core essence of the Feria remained intact, these posters incorporated digital elements, making them more dynamic and appealing to a younger audience.

Posters encapsulating a visual timeline of Malaga feria

The Malaga Feria posters provide a fascinating glimpse into the event’s evolving history. From the golden era of the early 20th century to the digital age of today, these posters have served as a visual timeline of the Feria’s transformation over the years.

Mark your calendars and experience the magic of the Malaga Feria – where tradition meets innovation. The 2023 Malaga Feria runs from 12th to 19th August.

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