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Executive Digital Nomads: Malaga – #2 destination

Imagine a digital nomad and you probably see a 20-something, footloose and fancy-free working on a beach or in a cyber cafe with their peers. Executive digital nomads are a different breed, often with children and seeking a high quality of life. For either, Malaga is a top destination, and we explore why.


In August 2023, Savills released their Top 20 world destinations and Malaga hit the #2 spot. For those of us who live and work here, this is no surprise. There is a high quality of life, and whilst rents are increasing, they remain way below the prices found in other European cities.

What is an executive digital nomad?

In general, executive nomads were those who took a hard look at their lives during and post-pandemic and made the decision to move to easy-to-access locations with an attractive climate, quality of life and super-fast Wi-Fi. Connectivity, in all its forms, is essential.

View along Calle Cister by Malaga cathedral

Spain launched its digital nomad visa in 2022. Without a doubt, this has helped Malaga climb into second place on the list. Consider, it didn’t make the top 20 in 2022.

Malaga ticks the boxes on the executive digital nomad’s list: international schools, relatively affordable rental market, good connectivity not only across Europe but also to the USA and Asia. Add to that a warm climate, oodles of culture, an exciting gastronomy, and the Spanish flair for living life to the fullest – what more could anyone want?

Savills’ Executive Nomad Index

Let’s explore the methodology behind the Savills Executive Nomad Index.

Savills analysed 20 destinations based on their appeal and ease of access for long-term remote workers. They then ranked them for connectivity, climate, prime residential rental market, and quality of life.

savills executive nomad analysis

Ranking Malaga in #2 spot

Malaga has been on the rise both economically and culturally for the past decade. Its top-class museums and gorgeous old town make it a pull for tourists and digital nomads. With the arrival of corporate biggies such as Google, the tech and economic side of Malaga has grown too.

“These companies are all saying that Málaga is the place to be, and its reputation then spreads by word of mouth,” says José Felix Perez-Peña, Savills head of Andalucía.

Restaurants, renting and socialising in Málaga are still cheap compared with other major European cities, and people feel “safe” there, says Perez-Peña.

Property expansion in the city

Traditionally, the wealthy of Malaga have gravitated towards the east side of the city, with large villas overlooking the coast to the south and the mountains to the north.

Now there is a lot of regeneration in the city, and new developments springing up on the west side.

Moving to Malaga – embrace the culture

Executive digital nomads can enjoy an excellent quality of life in Malaga. Image shows a view of the cathedral from a rental apartment in Malaga

An important element to settling into a new country and city is learning about the culture and embracing it. This is where team-building and incentives companies come into their own.

At Toma & Coe, we’ve been introducing strangers to Malaga for decades, and helping them become friends. Whether it is for individuals, families, teams, or an entire company, we understand how you can best integrate into the Malaga community and make it your home.

Our range of incentives are not merely conventional. We develop itineraries which combine Andalucian culture, cuisine, and lifestyle with engaging group activities.

If you’re new to Malaga or looking to build solid relationships between colleagues in the region, contact us to discuss requirements.

¡Bienvenido a Málaga! – Welcome to Malaga!

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