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Weekend Ideas in Cordoba

Cordoba Flamenco Photography Exhibition
Cordoba Flamenco Photography Exhibition

Visiting the old town of Cordoba at this time of the year is an absolute delight. Its narrow quirky alleyways and magic cosy corners have now become quiet and sleepy after the recently finished high season.

The “Centro Flamenco Fosforito”, a cultural centre located in one of our favourite squares in town, known as Plaza del Potro, is hosting a beautiful photography exhibition that we recommend for the weekend. 21 black and white prints of different flamenco dancers from Cordoba are on display in the “Cordoba Flamenco Experience” room.

This culture center, a former inn for people needing lodging in Cordoba, was built in the 15th century. It keeps the charm of the traditional architecture of those days as well as the pride of having seen important Spanish characters like Cervantes spend the night in its rooms.

From here, you can walk to the wonderful restaurant and bar “Casa Salinas”. Located in calle Tundidores number 3, Casa Salinas is famous for its wide selection of traditional tapas from Córdoba.

The summer is gone so you’ll have to wait till next year for a good salmorejo but don’t miss their flamenquines with a glass of Montilla wine. They will make you come back.

Have a Toma Weekend!

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Cordoba Posada del Potro
Cordoba Posada del Potro

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