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7 Food Tours to Try in Andalucia

Food tours Spain
Flavours of Al Andalus

Food always plays a big part in our tours and is central to so much of the culture and daily life here in Andalucia.  The cuisine of southern Spain is not only delicious, fresh and wholesome, but it holds many surprises that visitors are often astonished to find.

Andalucian gastronomy is the result of a rich melting pot of ingredients, tradition and culture, based around the Mediterranean diet that the whole world has come to love.  We also enjoy a big influence from Morocco as ingredients and cooking methods are shared from our neighbours across the ocean.

All this makes Andalucia a stand-out destination to enjoy a food tour or gastronomic experience, and some of our most popular tours have food and wine at their very heart.

Here are 7 ideas for gourmet themed tours you can take with us right now in Andalucia:

1. Malaga Tapas Tour

Enjoy an evening visit to the historical and chic centre of Malaga, Spain’s most up and coming destinations for foodies as well as lovers of Art and Culture.  On this tour you will visit ancient bodegas and quaint tapas bars hidden down narrow cobbled streets, and your guide will share some of the hidden treasures of this magnificent city.

2. Cooking Tour in the Hills of Malaga

On this full day tour we take you to the “campo” countryside of Malaga to a rural hideaway full of hidden gourmet delights. We get to pick our own ingredients from the orchards and learn to cook up a delicious feast with our resident chefs before enjoying a well-earned siesta under the trees!

Spanish cooking tour
Foodie experiences in the Spanish Countryside

3. Moroccan Cookery Tour in the White Village of Cadiz

Enjoy a fusion of Morocco and Spain as we take a gastronomical journey with our highly talented and knowledgeable chef.  You will leave with plenty of inspiration for delighting the taste buds when you return home, as well as having visited an ancient white village that is fast become Spain’s foodie Mecca.

4. Two-Day Moroccan Gourmet Experience

Why not create your own bespoke mini break and tag another day on to your Moroccan Cookery tour.  You can then take a trip over to Tangier and see everything you have learned come alive!  There you can explore the food markets and daily life first hand, and enjoy truly traditional Moroccan cuisine in fabulous surroundings.  We can arrange an overnight stay for you in a boutique hotel in the Cadiz area and you will have the services of your private guide throughout.

Moroccan cooking tour
Moroccan Cuisine in Tangier

5. Gourmet Walking Tour in Ronda

We like to describe this 6 day foodie tour as “Slow Food and Scenic Walks”,  which is a match made in heaven!

This tour follows the route of Mr Henderson’s Railway, where we not only enjoy some of the most picturesque walks in Spain, but also get to sample some of the most memorable food experiences in Andalucia as we visit restaurants lovingly built into old cargo bays, station houses and tucked away in tiny villages.   The whole tour is washed down with amazing food, excellent wine and fantastic company in true Toma Style!

Gourmet tour, tuna almadraba cadiz
Tour guests enjoying succulent Tuna from the Almadraba in Cadiz

6. Spanish Cooking Tour in the Sierra de Aracena

Real food lovers will feel utterly indulged with this 5 day residential cookery tour in the most breathtaking surroundings high in the Sierra de Aracena.  The area is known for its acorn-fed black foot pigs that produce the most succulent Jamón de Pata Negra, as well as chestnut forests and other natural riches.

This tour is an exploration of ingredients, food pairing, cookery skills and includes a final trip to Seville to sample some of the best tapas bars in Spain.

7. Red-Tuna Fishing and Tasting in Cadiz

In the early summer we can also get you up close to the amazing “Almadraba” Tuna fishing experience where you can witness first hand this ancient tradition.  The fishermen are highly skilled in catching only the best and most succulent blue-fin Tuna as they pass on their migratory route through the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Cadiz.  This is not an experience for the faint-hearted, but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see this amazing practice that may soon be destroyed in favour of big Japanese trawler fishing.

We can then take you to a fabulous little restaurant to sample some of the Red Tuna dishes for yourselves, accompanied by fine wines and stunning views across the ocean.  And as always, we can turn this day tour into an overnight mini-break with a reservation in one of our favourite hotels on the coast.

To book any of these tours use the contact form here and we look forward to sharing a table with you soon!

Blue fin Almadraba tuna tasting menu Cadiz
Fresh Blue Fin Tuna from Cadiz

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