Operations Manager

Fernando is a native of Andalucia, heralding from the beautiful coastal town of Malaga. He is passionate about his land and loves showing visitors all it has to offer. Fernando handles all the arrangements and reservations for our clients and has an unending supply of knowledge when it comes to what to see and do in the region.

My Favourite Place in Andalucia: I love the beaches in Cádiz, they are spectacular. My favourites are Playa de Bolonia or Playa El Palmar.

My Favourite Spanish Dish: Gazpachuelo malagueño, which is a winter soup made from mayonnaise, potatoes and white fish. It might sound odd, but it’s absolutely delicious! I also love espeto de sardinas– skewered sardines cooked over wood- and you can’t beat a good paella, either!

Favourite Part of My Job: I love helping clients enjoy Andalucia and appreciate everything that makes it so special: its people, its culture, its beauty and history, its colour and light. Andalucia is unique!

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