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Travel Trends 2023: How will you holiday?

As the nights draw in, we look to 2023 and the travel trends we anticipate being popular for travellers. Whichever type of holiday you want, you can be sure at Toma and Coe we will give you an experience you’ll remember.


1. Healthy Holidays

Healthy holidays

Many travellers are interested in healthy getaways in 2023.  Whether it’s exercise and spirituality or mindfulness and meditation, this is a huge trend in 2023.

No more coming back from holiday in need of another break, but rejuvenated and refreshed. A perfect mix is walking the Camino de Santiago – a journey of physical and emotional enlightenment, with everything taken care of by your Toma tour guide. Don’t miss out on the chance to follow in the footsteps of millions of pilgrims over the centuries.

2. “Out of comfort zone” trips

The time for lazing around at an all-inclusive resort is gone for many travellers in 2023 as they seek new cultures, languages and food. They want to step out of their comfort zone and explore lesser-known destinations.

Take the road less-travelled with Toma and Coe, taste the local flavours and immerse yourself in local life.

3. Nostalgic Getaways

Family together - Nostalgic getaway travel trend

Fancy a trip down Memory Lane visiting destinations you holidayed in as a child? Or perhaps there’s a 1970s bar just waiting for you. Vintage vacations are on the up, with the desire for memories of yesteryear to be restoked.

Many travellers are also interested in family reunion and multi-generational trips. Where better than a villa in Spain, with fun excursions and experiences for everyone.

4. Off-grid adventures

Go wild in the country with travel centred around natural attractions and adrenalin adventures. Walk the Caminito del Rey, escape the hustle and bustle with a rural retreat, or generate some pedal power on cycling trip along a via verde. Choose accommodation that is completely off-grid, or secluded but still with internet connection – the choice is yours.

5. Small Town Travel

Small town travel trend

The smaller towns and cities will have their moments in 2023 as travellers move away from the crowded cities. The charm and slower pace of the smaller towns, coupled with the glorious views, history and local produce are waiting to welcome those who enjoy slow travel.

In Málaga province, you can experience the mountain villages and the rural inland towns with bespoke tours.

6. Bleisure

With Málaga now a growing tech hub in Europe, it’s quite possible you could find yourself in the city for business. Combine your work trip with some holiday time and you’ll be joining 2023´s holiday trend of Bleisure.

Mix business with leisure and explore the city of Málaga with its rich history, or venture out to some of the provinces towns discovering new sensations.


Whatever travel trends you follow in 2023, with Toma & Coe you’re assured of exceptional experiences.


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