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Tarifa and Bolonia

On one of the most exciting stretches of Andalucian coastline we have Tarifa, windsurfing capital or Europe and just further on the beach of Bolonia. Could Bolonia be the most beautiful beach in Andalucia? We think it´s right up there with the best. This incredible day trip to Tarifa and Bolonia takes in Bolonia beach and the roman ruins of Baelo Claudia. We will visit the museum which explains vividly this particular roman settlement and the visit leads into the ruins themselves. We will then take a little hike up into one of the most dynamic sand dunes in Spain. A perfect opportunity for some wonderful photos. Lunch will be in a typical beach restaurant and we will try all sorts of local delicacies in the form of “raciones” or large tapas. On our way home we will have a coffee at one of the trendy bars along Tarifa Beach so you can soak up the cool atmosphere that oozes out of this hot spot of surf and fashion.

Take a tour of Tarifa and Bolonia with us at TOMA & COE or take a look at some of our other fabulous tours.

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