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January 2024 Malaga News Round Up

50 year anniversary for La Cueva del Tesoro


Cueva del Tesoro

2024 is the 50th anniversary of the opening of La Cueva del Tesoro (the cave of treasure) in Rincón de la Victoria.

It stands as one of the three known marine caves worldwide, the others located in Asia and Central America. Within its galleries, artifacts from the Palaeolithic and Bronze Age, along with Cave Art (Arte Rupestre) samples, have been discovered.

A leisurely stroll through its cavities unveils the intriguing formations shaped by water over millennia. Legend has it that the cave holds an undiscovered treasure, adding an element of mystery to the exploration.

To commemorate the anniversary, Rincón de la Victoria town hall has curated a diverse program of activities and events within the cave. Visitors can enjoy complimentary entrance on weekdays (morning hours only). The festivities include plays and concerts featuring renowned pianist Diego Valdivia, along with conferences, workshops, films, music, dance, and poetry performances for the public to enjoy.


More flights from Saudi Arabia to Malaga

Saudi Arabia’s flagship airline, Saudia, is doubling down on the Costa del Sol this summer. The airline recently announced plans to strengthen the connection between the Costa del Sol and Riyadh. It confirmed that it will run three direct flights each week between Malaga airport and its hub in the Saudi capital, one more than pre-pandemic levels.

Starting from June 7 and lasting until the end of August, Saudia will link the capital of the Costa del Sol with Saudi Arabia every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After assessing demand, particularly following its participation in the recent Fitur International Tourism Fair in Madrid, the airline deems the prospects promising for the future. As a result, it’s expanding its schedule and operations in Spanish airports.

Also, Saudia will increase the flight frequency between Barcelona and the cities of Jeddah and Riyadh to a total of four days a week. This includes flights to the coastal city of the Red Sea, along with two additional weekly flights to Riyadh on Wednesdays and Fridays. The airline assures that regular operations between Madrid and the company’s main hub in Jeddah will continue, maintaining four weekly frequencies on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


La Antxoeta Art Restaurant, Malaga rated best in Andalucia



La Antxoeta Art Restaurant, situated in Soho, has secured a position in the top 100 list on TheFork, a popular restaurant booking platform. Helmed by chef Pablo Caballero, the restaurant boasts an impressive score of 9.6 and has received an excellent rating from its patrons.

Established in 2016 at Calle Barroso 7, La Antxoeta seamlessly blends avant-garde cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. As per the app’s description, it provides “delicious dishes and honest cuisine.”

“La Antxoeta possesses a touch of playfulness that sets it apart. The chef skillfully combines traditional recipes with innovative techniques, resulting in captivating creations,” it further notes.

Among its standout dishes is Maruchi’s cannelloni, an original recipe from Pablo’s mother, enhanced with a hint of truffle and boletus.

Andalucia has a further give restaurants in the top 100 including La Costa de José Álvarez (22nd), Manigua Casa De Comidas (41st), and La Finca (42nd).


Baños del Carmen in Malaga get cultural protection

Baños Del Carmen - Manuel-Martín-Laguna

Malaga city’s Baños del Carmen restaurant and historic bathing site have gained protection as they are declared an asset of cultural interest (BIC), as the sole preserved historical instance in Malaga of a public seaside resort.

The Baños del Carmen spa, inaugurated on July 16, 1918, after its construction on the site of old public baths, marked a departure from traditional customs. It did not separate male and female bathers with screens.

In subsequent years, it witnessed expansions, including the construction of a restaurant, an entrance gate (now missing), a tennis court hosting the city’s inaugural tennis tournament, and a pier with a screen for film projections. It also housed the city’s first football field until 1941 and a dance floor exceeding 2,000 m², hosting concerts, classical ballet shows, and festivals that contributed to its fame during summer nights.

The Baños remains a popular restaurant among locals.

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