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Day tours to Tangier from Spain

Have you always dreamed of visiting the fragrant, alluring and mysterious markets of Tangier but weren’t quite sure how to go about it? We can help you with that! Our excursion from Spain to Tangier is a wonderful day trip with experienced guides, a magical way to experience the sights and scents of Tangier.

Let us guide you

Some people find the trip from Spain to Morocco a bit daunting; the huge cultural differences and the fact that there is so much to see and do can be intimidating to those who don’t know their way around. When you take a day trip to Tangier with TOMA & COE you get to experience the real Tangier. Each tour can be adapted to suit the interests of the clients. There is much to see and do and we approach the day in a unique way each time. We avoid all the tourist trappings and have a unique, authentic experience.

Make some memories

There is always time for photos without being rushed around. We let you soak up the atmosphere and capture every minute as an experience or a photograph; creating memories for a lifetime.

We allow you the time to be reflective; tasting, smelling and capturing the essence of Morocco. We give you the tools and guidance to be able to be responsive to your surroundings, to really absorb what is going on around you and to truly enjoy every second of your day.

Tangier in one day

Yes it really can be done in a day! A quick boat trip from Tarifa to Tangier then you have 5 full hours to discover the city. It isn’t difficult when you’re with the experts who know and love the city with a passion.

Taking the Tangier tour with TOMA & COE always proves to be a great experience. If you have always wanted to visit Tangier, you can book our Sights and Scents of Tangier tour or for more information read our Guide to Tangier.

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