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Cadiz and the Red Tuna of the Almadraba – See The Ancient Tradition First Hand

Almadraba Red Tuna Cadiz
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The Andalucian coast is famous for many things, but one of the most spectacular and unique traditions is that of the annual “Almadraba” of the highly prized Red Tuna fish.

Each year during the month of May, the highly skilled seamen of the Cadiz fishing towns such as Barbate, Conil, and Zahara de los Atunes, gather together to practice a fishing method which dates back 3,000 years, to the times of the Phoenicians and the Romans.

The Almadraba is a true spectacle of team work which very few people ever have a chance to witness first hand. It is a completely ecological way of catching the most desired tuna, since it allows only the largest and strongest fish to be caught while the others are returned healthy to carry on the generation.  A labyrinthine system of fishing nets encircle the tuna to a depth of 30m, then they are able to “lift” the fish to the surface where all the fishing boats must work together to encircle and select the fish.

The Almadraba of these Blue-fin Tuna takes place only during their annual migration route through from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean.  The month of May is when the tuna is considered to be at its best – it has exactly the right amount of fat and is of a standard that sees top Japanese chefs paying high prices and queuing to buy the best of the catch from Cadiz.

In an age where over-fishing is big news and environmentally damaging practices service the mass market thirst for seafood (at the expense of all other species that happen to get in the way),  the Almadraba is considered one of the most ecological and sustainable methods in existence.  The fishermen of Cadiz are determined to keep this spectacular tradition alive in a time when the industry really is against them, and each year becomes harder and harder for the fishing communities.

Toma Tours is so pleased to have secured exclusive access to get up alongside the Almadraba during the month of May with a very dear colleague who dedicates his life to the ocean life around Cadiz.  This trip is not cheap, but it really could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness this ancient art before it is taken forever and the mass market wins the fishing war.

To find out more get in touch straight away at or call +34 956 06 68 15

You can read more about the Almadraba in this fabulous article in Eye on Spain—a-millennial-tradition.aspx


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