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TOMA & COE – your dedicated travel consultant

TOMA & COE is a boutique tour consultant with 17 years of travel guiding experience in Spain and an impeccable track record. Highly experienced at anticipating our clients’ needs, we prepare each bespoke itinerary with a fresh approach, always designing every detail to fit the individual client on a luxury tour in Andalucia.

Each new enquiry develops into a dialogue covering the client’s preferences, interests, and expectations, together with their practical needs. Once we feel we understand our client sufficiently, we begin to work our magic, drawing on all our contacts and friends throughout Andalucia to help us create the perfect itinerary to meet the client’s brief. We talk about your every need from walking holidays, to private tours to foodie tours and share our love of food and wine.

We are always delighted to welcome new guests into our extended TOMA & COE family, where they can experience an intimate level of personalised customer service.

At TOMA & COE we help our clients’ dreams to become reality so they can create unforgettable personal memories while learning about the in-depth history and culture of the places they visit.

Rather than being just ‘fact-spielers’, our local guides are meticulously tuned to the interests and knowledge of each individual group, relaying intriguing stories and anecdotes, unravelling history through their highly-developed people skills.

With a special focus on gastronomy, our deep love of Spanish cuisine ensures delectable feasts enjoyed in the most authentic surroundings. We pride ourselves in sharing the Spain our clients never knew and revealing it in such a magical and personal way, that the experience will stay with them forever.



Manni started TOMA & COE in 2011. As a dedicated tour consultant, he now leads a team of Andalucian experts, each of whom forms an essential part of our group ethos.

Born in England, Manni made Andalucia his home in 2000 and now lives and breathes all things Spain.

He has explored most nooks and crannies of Andalucia and after 10 years of working for other tour operators , set up TOMA & COE with a vision of sharing the more authentic aspects of this part of the world with smaller groups and families.

Manni’s exceptional knowledge of the region’s culture, language and history will take you not only on a geographical a tour, but on a journey back through time to appreciate precisely how Andalucia came to be. Manni is a lover of art and literature and is known for his intimate lectures on Al-Andalus, the Great Spanish Artists, and Lorca and the Secrets of Duende.

Manni is also a foodie, so as you would expect, Spanish gastronomy plays a key role in our private tours. You can’t experience the real Andalucia without sampling the local delicacies and tasty tapas, so stopping at a ‘venta’ or local restaurant is compulsory, which makes our foodie tours extra special. Salud!


I am 100% Andalucian and I am in love with my land.

I am an avid traveller and love exploring new places and other cultures. I’ve had the opportunity to visit 5 continents and have seen truly magnificent sights. That´s why I love guiding. It´s wonderful to be able to share with others the history of my homeland together with the finer details of our culture and traditions.

My personality is typically “Andaluz”, which is happy and playful with a natural desire to please people and enjoy moments with my friends and the friends of my friends. I love reading, cooking and above everything else, an interesting conversation accompanied by a great glass of Sherry. TOMA & COE gives me the chance to create and share experiences with guests from other cultures and that grants me the desires of my heart; to carry on travelling.


mayte of toma & coe

With a real gift for interaction with people and a deep passion for authentic Spanish gastronomy, Mayte is our gourmet specialist but is equally happy on the streets of Seville as she is in the kitchen.

“I love being a tour guide because I love sharing – it could be a little secret spot or my passion for Spanish travel, lifestyle, food and culture. But I also love others sharing a piece of their lives with me when being guided, whether it’s their eyes wide open when discovering a little hidden delight or their amazement at marvellous Spain.”


pablo of toma & coe

We are so excited to have Pablo as part of our team. Manni and Pablo met whilst touring over a decade ago. As an art specialist Pablo can lead art tours, together with his other passion which is the great outdoors. He takes many of our walking holidays and pilgrimages along the Camino de Santiago.

“I grew up in the countryside of Cordoba, in southern Spain. My parents are both teachers, and since I was a baby they taught me to love Andalucian history and legends.

And so just a few months after completing my studies, I began working as a European tour guide. During each new journey, I can see how we all learn, grow and enjoy while interacting with new cultures and experiences. Touring in Spain allows me to witness the magic in the exchange of foreign people interacting with my local culture.”



With a background in educational travel and an expansive field of study, Karim’s experience is second to none. As a family man, his appeal spans the ages and his tours are always full of insight into a myriad of cultures and experiences. A fluent Arabic and French speaker, he runs many of our Morocco trips. We always feel very safe in his hands!

“I am passionate about the world’s cultures and history; I have special affection for Andalucia and North Africa, and love sharing their emotions with others. My job as a tour guide gives me the opportunity to do this and it fulfils me when I see people’s responding emotionally. In my opinion a tour guide is a people job, and I very much enjoy sharing and learning from one another. This is why I love being a tour guide.”


Diana is from England and has lived in Andalucia for nine years. She has lived all over the Malaga province and finally settled in a tiny hamlet of our beloved Archidona. Diana adores living in the Spanish countryside but loves to visit the Andalucian cities, she has a special fondness for Granada and Malaga, although every city and town in Andalucia has its own appeal.

Being the team organiser, Diana has a real love of the technology and tools needed to bring this busy team together, especially when everyone is out on the road so often.

“I love working with the TOMA team and being the home base that they can all contact in times of need. The guides all have such fast paced lives so it’s great to be the anchor, always here for them when they need me. I feel so privileged to live in such a wonderful place and to see it through the eyes of TOMA’s clients every day so I never take it for granted. If you’re looking for a private guide in Andalucia then you’re in the right place”


Jose (aka Pepito) is the newest member of the TOMA team and we all wonder where he had been hiding all these years. Native to Malaga, but schooled in the UK and the USA,  Pepito is well versed in the hospitality and hosting world. His passion for travel, discovery and deep understanding is contagious and our guests enjoy his take on Spanish life and tradition. 

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